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Kag West settles all pending NLRB/Teamsters matters.

September 3, 2016


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Well, it appears that it has finally happened but don't go spending the cash just yet. For a while, there have been all sorts of rumors flying around about Kag West settling with the NLRB, all of them baseless of course until now. 

Without admitting guilt, and sometime between Friday, August 19th, and Monday 22, 2016, Kag West decided that they will crack open their piggy bank and start writing checks. It seems that what would never happen has happened. However...the amount you will receive as part of the settlement will be significantly less that what most expected.

Do not go into shock but I suspect most of you will. Kag saw the light if you will. Given the likelihood of another loss, the  potential pay out amount would have been significantly greater that what was paid out last time around a few years ago. If you recall, that was matter (unpaid breaks, etc.) cost Kag 14 million plus. This time, it would have been easily and at least twice that if not more. So both parties agreed to a mere 4.2 million settlement amount. What's that I hear? You say the union is looking out for your interests?  Right then.

What you will wind up getting is a payment for a little less than half what was owed to you. That was unexpected to say the least but it does explain why nobody was putting out updates of any kind. The union was not negotiating on your behalf, they were deadlocked up to about a few weeks ago as to what to do next, and this was the best they managed to get for you. No wonder they had nothing to say? That or they were too afraid of what was about to happen. Still, the whores at 986 haven't got the balls to come and talk to us and explain themselves. 

If you think that this does not pass the smell test, you may be right. Kag and 986 made a deal and got the NRLB's stamp of approval. Go ask your union pals how this came to be.

As expected, the Teamster union creeps over in D.C. are pounding their chest over what they 'did for us'. I say it's more like what they did to us...with the help of other like minded partisan douche bags who continue to work at Kag West.

It is clear that the assholes at 986 have grown even sloppier vaginas over the past few days. Nobody has the nerve to come out and offer an explanation. Do we need some answers? Yeah, am sure of it.

When you get your check in the mail, we suggest that you not run to the bank and cash it. We recommend that you march right over to Local 986 on Durfee Street in South El Monte and take it up with them. Call the number above or email them and ask why they sold you out.

Drive to kick union out is on now!

So you still think Local 986 can be trusted to be honest and tell us up front what's going on? I think you are mistaken if you think otherwise. The drive to kick the union out is on and this web site will be going away soon, however, you have a responsibility to do the right thing and vote no if and when the election takes place.

Please do not lie and say that you are going to vote against the union, then turn around and do the opposite...unless you like being sold out like a cheap whore.

Learn why workers dislike unions here.

Some may find the video below offensive...
If you are a union follower, please leave now.
If 'spicy' language offends you...please leave now.
How do you think Kag West employees feel when 
they are being screwed by forced unionization
and union goons?

'Make poverty harder to achieve.'

(Ben Frankin)


Don’t be fooled or feel intimidated by the union creeps.  If you know anyone that is in a union and wants to get rid of them and avoid not being forced to pay union dues, read this information and pass it on to them.  Tell them that they can stop paying union dues anytime. We are going to tell you exactly how to do this right here. You cannot be forced to pay union dues anymore than they can be forced to buy into a National Health Care plan. Yes, you do have to pay an ‘administrative fee’, however that should generally be less than full union dues.  When you send your union resignation/refund letter you can expect to get threats and intimidation from your so-called union ‘brothers’.  Tell them where to go!  As you can see from the pictures above, the NLRB is not going to be of much help to Kag West employees or anyone on the wrong side of the political spectrum...the unions, of course, not a problem.
Fill out the refund form, mail it in, or just complete it online.  Follow this link for 'how to' info and tell your friends all about it.  Don’t forget to print and keep a dated copy for your personal records. There is nothing the union can do about it; you are protected by law. If you are interested you can research the 1988 Supreme Court decision in a landmark case entitled Communications Workers of America vs. Beck.  We have the law on our side.

Conoco-LAT 986 members are in an uproar about the new fees negotiated in their last contract and rightfully so; LAT needs to decertify 986 ASAP! Don’t let 986 take you to the cleaners because ‘you did not know.’  Help spread the truth about unionizing and what it really costs. 

The sooner we dump Local 986 the sooner we can get back to earning a decent paycheck. On the face of all this, how can anyone with half a brain remain so stupidly blind and still want to be a member of a union?

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 Thank you for supporting Kag West employees.
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Union official explains what he believes private companies have to do with their money and speaks on declining Teamster union membership.  Listen to the man, he believes that the Teamsters have some sort of natural claim on company profits. Amazingly idiotic, this guy has been eating the union BS for years...and by the looks of it, he loves it!

Seems that some Kag West folks got creative over at YouTube. Check out the NoTo986 Video and a few other anti union Kag West  videos! 

We encourage everyone to call Teamsters Organizer, Ron Seamans at 656.350.9860, xt 129 and let him know how you feel. They need to grow a pair and stop hiding under their desks, they have a lot of questions to answer.  


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