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 Kag West employees protest at  Local 986 on 10/30/13 at their El Monte, Ca. Offices.

On Monday 30, 2013 Kag West employees turned out in force protesting at Teamsters Local 986 offices in El Monte, Ca. We are glad to report that about 60 or so people turned out and even had a drive by.

A Kag truck that was in the vicinity delivering a load made a right turn right into our protest, great timing, everyone was glad to see that.

Needless to say and despite our best efforts to put a civilized face on the protest, some folks let it all hang out. Kag West employees made crystal clear to the Teamsters that they are not welcome at our place of work. 

Kag employees tried to contact by phone the leadership at Local 986, specifically Ron Seaman and Chris Griswold via a telephone call and a megaphone. As you might have guessed, they refused to come down and talk to us. It appears that they have no explanation or reason for this move. The front desk proceeded to transfer the call to a voice mail extension. 

The union continues to hide under their desks as they try and figure out what to do next. What ever that is, you are guaranteed that it will not be something that benefits Kag drivers. At this point, it appears that the union has no interest or sees any benefit to settling this matter.

Last week in a letter sent out by the Teamsters on 9/26/13 to Kag's employees, Local 986 tried to spin the facts as usual and proceeded to continue to blame Kag for their failure to settle the 4 year old dispute as they walked away from the negotiating table.

The union update letter mailed on 9/26/13 offers no explanation for this reasoning and attempts to do what they do best, split and separate the group into factions. The union is rehashing old stuff, stating that Kag did this or Kag did that and how Kag refused to follow instructions issued by a sold out administrative law judge and some appeal panel illegally appointed by Obama to the NLRB some time a couple of years ago.
That ALJ decision against Kag West is under appeal along with the secondary issue of the illegal Obama appointments to the NLRB review board. You now have the union claiming that this is unfair...please...

On the latest union update, Local 986 continues to cover their failures by adding gasoline to the fire and blaming Kag West for the continued delays in negotiations. They claim that they are doing the right thing by us, but fails to explain what took place two weeks ago during negotiations when the union turned its back on the very people they claim to want to 'help'.

Additionally, the union states that we would have a new election if Kag did 'the right thing'. Well Mr. Seamans, and Mr. Sean P. Harren, Kag has just done the right thing. You need to explain yourselves and why it is not in our best interest to receive $4 million in back pay. Kag is not refusing to do anything, they agreed with you during your last negotiation session to do just that, you shook hands on it and later backed out of the deal.
The net effect of this move by Local 986 resulted in destroying what little (if any) good faith is left among the their dwindling support base at Kag and elsewhere in the industry.

Believe it or not, there is one union rep at Kag West that the Teamsters have just hung out to dry and thrown under the bus...can you guess who that is?? This person is so disconnected from the process at Local 986, that he had no clue as to the events that took place two weeks ago during negotiations. Seems the union forgot all about him. The rep had to find out what happened from the rest of us!! The clock is ticking for you.

Here, at the Official Kag West No To 986 web site, we are not confused as to what has just taken place. We continue to reiterate what we have been saying all along, that No union can be trusted. Unions are only in it for themselves, they aren't out to 'help' anyone, they are run by a bunch of left wing radical socialists.

If you ever thought that you could get rid of the union if you 
didn't like some contract or agreement negotiated on your behalf, I have a real nice used Freightliner I'd like to sell you.

We want to thank all of those who turned out. We know it was tough to do since most of us are usually sleeping and resting when off work.

See the protest video here.

Learn why workers dislike unions here.

Ben Franklin quote:
'Make poverty harder to achieve.'



Don’t be fooled or feel intimidated by the union creeps.  If you know anyone that is in a union and wants to get rid of them and avoid not being forced to pay union dues, read this information and pass it on to them.  Tell them that they can stop paying union dues anytime. We are going to tell you exactly how to do this right here. You cannot be forced to pay union dues anymore than they can be forced to buy into a National Health Care plan. Yes, you do have to pay an ‘administrative fee’, however that should generally be less than full union dues.  When you send your union resignation/refund letter you can expect to get threats and intimidation from your so-called union ‘brothers’.  Tell them where to go!  As you can see from the pictures above, the NLRB is not going to be of much help to Kag West employees or anyone on the wrong side of the political spectrum...the unions, of course, not a problem.
Fill out the refund form, mail it in, or just complete it online.  Follow this link for 'how to' info and tell your friends all about it.  Don’t forget to print and keep a dated copy for your personal records. There is nothing the union can do about it; you are protected by law. If you are interested you can research the 1988 Supreme Court decision in a landmark case entitled Communications Workers of America vs. Beck.  We have the law on our side.

Conoco-LAT 986 members are in an uproar about the new fees negotiated in their last contract and rightfully so; LAT needs to decertify 986 ASAP! Don’t let 986 take you to the cleaners because ‘you did not know.’  Help spread the truth about unionizing and what it really costs. 

The sooner we dump Local 986 the sooner we can get back to earning a decent paycheck. On the face of all this, how can anyone with half a brain remain so stupidly blind and still want to be a member of a union?

  Tell your friends about our web site.
Spread the w
 Thank you for supporting Kag West employees.

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Union official explains what he believes private companies have to do with their money and speaks on declining Teamster union membership.  Listen to the man, he believes that the Teamsters have some sort of natural claim on company profits. Amazingly idiotic, this guy has been eating the union BS for years...and by the looks of it, he loves it!

Seems that some Kag West folks got creative over at YouTube. Check out the NoTo986 Video and a few other anti union Kag West  videos! 

We encourage everyone to call Teamsters Organizer, Ron Seamans at 656.350.9860, xt 129 and let him know how you feel. They need to grow a pair and stop hiding under their desks, they have a lot of questions to answer.  

Not sponsored by anyone at Kag West. This site reflects  the opinion of most Kag West employees.
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